Live Archive category gallery

"Live Archive" is a special category of the X Photo Contest "The Most Beautiful Country". To participate in it, modern photos are accepted, repeating archival images. You have two options on how to participate in the contest in this category.

Option 1: Recreate the archived images suggested by us.

Option 2: Recreate the pictures from your own family archive.

If you have chosen option 1, your actions are as follows:

  • select the original archive photo that you want to recreate (for convenience, the images are sorted by region);
  • take a modern shot in the same place, preferably from the same angle;
  • upload the modern photo to your personal account.

The partner of the category is the Russian State Library.

If you have chosen option 2, your actions are as follows:

  • take a modern photo repeating the photo from your archive (it is advisable to use archival photographs of the 19th – first half of the 20th century, but photos from the 1950-1970s will also be accepted for consideration);
  • upload an archived photo and a modern photo recreating it to your personal account. Please note that in this case, the contestant must comply with two conditions: they must be the author of the modern photograph, as well as have the rights to the archival photograph to the extent described in Section 10 of the License Agreement.
Contest Regulations