Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter the contest?
It is necessary to register on the site of the photo contest and upload photos to your personal user account.
How many photos can I submit for the contest?
Each participant has the right to submit no more than 25 photos to the Photo Contest. There are no restrictions on the number of photos uploaded per category. Thus, if you wish, you can upload all 25 photos in one nomination or divide them among several nominations.
Where are my uploaded photos displayed?
In the user's personal account.
When will the finalists of the contest be known?
After the end of acceptance of works and their selection by the Expert Commission.
When will the works of the Photo Contest participants appear in the "Gallery" section?
After completion of the final selection of works by the Expert Committee.
How can I find out if my work has been accepted into the contest?
If the works are displayed in your personal cabinet, it means that they are safely uploaded to the site. Works that comply with the rules of the Photo Contest and the subject of the nominations will be accepted. Photos of pets (dogs, cats, etc.) will not be accepted.