How to participate. Instructions

To participate in the contest, you must register on the website and upload photos to the site through the participant's personal account.

It is recommended to register and submit photos from a computer, as the site may not work correctly from some mobile devices. The instructions are provided for working with the site on a computer.


Registration on the website of the photo contest

Registration takes place in 2 stages, at the first stage basic information about the participant is entered, and at the second stage the user's password is set.

The first stage of registration

To start registration, click on the blue “Participate” button in the upper right corner of the window. Next, the basic user data is entered. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.

  1. E-mail address: it is important to specify a valid address, all interaction with the contest website will take place through this address. The address must be unique in the system. In other words, only one user can be registered to one address.
  2. Surname, first name, patronymic: enter the real name, check the spelling, write in Cyrillic.
  3. If you are the head of a photo studio and want to register students to participate in the contest, you need to fill in additional fields about the studio (name, address, phone number).
  4. Pay attention to the need to enter and confirm your mobile phone with the code from the SMS. Phone Confirmation Phone verification
  5. After successfully filling in all the fields and clicking the “Register” button, a message will appear on the site: “A link has been sent to your e-mail address to confirm registration and set a permanent password to log in to the site. If it doesn't arrive within 15 minutes, check the Spam folder." Email confirmation

The second stage of the registration

On the same day, you need to check your mail, find a letter from, and click on the link to activate the participant's personal account.

Email confirmation

When activating the link, you will get to the password change page, where the e-mail field to which the personal account was registered and the control line field are pre-filled in. Set a new password and repeat it. The password must be at least 6 characters long. Click on the Change Password button.

Change Password

Registration is completed at this stage!

After successfully changing the password, you go to the Authorization page, where you need to enter your username (your e-mail) and password.

Uploading photos to the contest

Photos are submitted through the user's personal account. While the submissions for the contest are open, after adding a work, it is forbidden to edit or delete it!

To upload a photo to the site, you need to log in to your personal account

Personal cabinet

Enter your username (your e-mail) and password in the form.


After logging in to your personal account, the "My photos" and "Personal data" sections will be available to you.

In the "My Photos" section, you can add a photo to the contest and view previously posted photos.

In the "Personal data" section, you can change the entered data at the time of registration of your personal account.

Adding a photo

You can open the form for posting a photo to the contest by clicking on the "Add photo" button in the "My photos" section or "Take part" in the main menu.

Adding a photo

You are redirected to the page for adding a photo, where you need to set the name of the photo, description, and other parameters.

Adding a photo
  1. The name should be concise and contain no more than 50 characters.
  2. In the description, it is necessary to write in detail what is depicted in the picture, if an animal is in the picture, then its correct species name should be indicated. You should indicate whether the species is listed in the Red Book, whether a bait was used (if so, which one), a short history of the creation of the image, a description of the place where it was taken. If the photo was processed in programs, then you should briefly describe what operations were performed with the image.
  3. It is important to specify the correct category to which the photo is submitted, a description of the categories can be viewed on the contest website. The category is selected from a drop-down list.
  4. The photo should be uploaded in high resolution, suitable for large format printing, but no more than 50 MB.
  5. Digital files are provided in JPEG format. The image size is at least 2500 pixels on the long side, the resolution is 72 dpi (with the exception of the category “The Most Beautiful Desktop Wallpaper").
  6. It is necessary to specify the subject of the Russian Federation in which the picture was taken and, in the “Shooting location” field, a more accurate and detailed name of the place. For example, if the picture was in a nature reserve, then specify its official name. You can also specify the nearest town and other information about the shooting location. For example: “Krasnoyarsk Territory, Ergaki Nature Park, Lake Svetloye.”
  7. The model release is an agreement between the photographer and the person depicted in the photo (the consent of the model to the publication and further use of the photo by the photographer). The model release is necessary in the case of the presence of a person in the shot, where a person can recognize themself.

Some categories have their own nuances when uploading to the site. These are the categories “Photo Project", “Live Archive" and “The Most Beautiful Desktop Wallpaper".

Live Archive

Contemporary photos, recreating archival ones. On the special page of this category (original historical photo, “Select”), you need to select a photo of Russia in the late 19th - first half of the 20th century from the archives of the RGS and the archives of the partners of the category, which was reshot by the . You can use the photo archive of the Russian Geographical Society or photos of our partners. To do this, you need to mark the category "Live Archive", select the picture of interest, add it, and save it. Then you should upload a modern version of this photo in the “Photo” field.

Live archive photo

Or you can use your family photo archive (it is advisable to use archival photographs of the 19th – first half of the 20th century, but photos from the 1950-1970s will also be accepted for consideration). To do this, mark the category "Live Archive", select the picture of interest, add it, and save it. Then you should upload a modern version of this photo in the “Photo” field.

Own live archive photo

Photo project

This category is different from the others. You should submit not individual photos here, but a series of photos (from 4 to 10 works) united by a common theme or visual design. It can be pictures from the life of a wild animal, a visual study of a natural phenomenon, etc. The presence of a person in the frame is allowed only in exceptional cases, as compositionally justified details, but not as the main subject of the shooting. The series is counted as one work, and the title and description must be given for the entire series, and not for individual photos of the photo project.


The most beautiful desktop wallpaper

Digital files should be provided in JPEG format. The image size should be at least 6000x4000 pixels. The resolution is 72 dpi. Image upscaling is not allowed. It is desirable that the image file contains a workspace profile to ensure proper color rendering.