The Most Beautiful Country 2021 jury.


Konstantin Leifer


Chairman of the Jury. Associate Professor at the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design, National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Over the years - an employee of Agence France-Presse, Reuters, Canon, head of the TASS photo information editorial office.

Sergei Shoigu


President of the Russian Geographical Society

Ivan Wagner


Test cosmonaut of Roskosmos. In April-October 2020, he made a space flight as a flight engineer of the Soyuz MS-16 spacecraft. In orbit, in addition to his main work, he was actively involved in photography.

Sergei Garmash


Theater and film actor, director, screenwriter.

Actor of the Moscow Sovremennik Theater. Repeated laureate of the Nika, Seagull, Golden Eagle, White Elephant awards. People's Artist of Russia.

Sergei Gorshkov


Russian photographer. Best wildlife photographer of the year according to Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 2020 Award.

Collaborates with National Geographic, GEO, BBC Wildlife ... Author of personal photo albums "Bear", "Kamchatka - an elusive world", "Cat's footprint", "Russian Arctic. Wrangel Island" and others.

Natalia Grigorieva-Litvinskaya


Founder and curator of the Lumiere Brothers Gallery (the first gallery in Russia specializing in photography) and the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography.

As a curator, she has implemented over 130 exhibition projects.

Alexander Ivanov


Russian photographer. He specializes in macro photography of plants. Finalist of Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 2020 and other photography contests.

Florian Ledoux


French wildlife photographer. Specializes in aerial photography.

Photographed for National Geographic, Le Figaro, Time US, Geo ...

Winner of the Nature TTL Photographer of the year 2020; Fine Arts Louvre Carrousel 2019, HIPA 2019, Siena International Photo Awards - 2018 and others.

Maria Loshak


Gallery owner, art manager. Director of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

Maksim Marmur


Russian photographer. He specializes in reportage and portrait photography.

Worked with Associated Press, Agency France-Press, The Times, Washington Post, Time, Guardian, GQ, Vogue, Stern.

1996 and 2000 Pulitzer Prize finalist.

The best photographer of the year according to The Moscow International Foto Awards - 2018.

Vladimir Mashkov


Russian theater and film actor, director, producer. Artistic director of the Oleg Tabakov Moscow Theater. Multiple laureate of the Nika, Chaika, Golden Eagle, TEFI awards. People's Artist of Russia.

Thorsten Milse


German wildlife photographer and videographer.

Worked with GEO, BBC Wildlife, Stern, Terra Mater, National Geographic, Terre Sauvage, Nature's Best Photography ...

Winner of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 2005, Nature's Best Photo - 2005 and others.

He has collaborated with WWF on a variety of projects, including the protection of the Siberian tiger and the conservation of the snow leopard.

Philippe Ros


French cameraman, producer. One of the cameramen of the famous documentaries "Oceans" (2009) and "Inhabitants of the Oceans" (2011).

Viktor Tyaht


Russian photographer. Chairman of the Wildlife Photographers Union. Multiple finalist of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, The Most Beautiful Country, Golden Turtle and many others.

Marco Urso


Italian wildlife photographer and travel photojournalist.

Worked with National Geographic, Nature Images, Nature Best, Outdoor Photographer, Asferico, Nature, Oasis, Go Nordic ...

Laureate and finalist of over 150 photography contests, including National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year, Hasselblad Awards, Nature Best contest, Wildlife photographer of the Year.

Anton Shagin


Russian theater and film actor.

Currently, an actor of the Moscow State Theater "Lenkom".

Laureate of theatrical awards "Golden Leaf" and "Crystal Turandot".