The Jury of the IX Photo Contest “The Most Beautiful Country” (2023)


Sergei Shoigu


President of the Russian Geographical Society.

Sergei Gorshkov


Russian wildlife photographer. Best wildlife photographer of the year, according to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 2020 Award.

Ivan Wagner


Roskosmos test cosmonaut. In April-October 2020, he made a space flight as a flight engineer of the Soyuz MS-16 spacecraft. In orbit, in addition to his main work, he was actively involved in photography.

Sergei Garmash


Theater and film actor, director, screenwriter.

Vladimir Mashkov


Russian theater and film actor, director, producer. Artistic director at the Oleg Tabakov Moscow Theater.

Marco Urso


Italian wildlife photographer and travel photojournalist. Worked for Oasis, Natura, Asferico, Image Mag, Go Nordic. Winner and prize-winner of many photo contests, including National Geographic, Nature Best, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Travel Photography of the Year, Big Print, Glanzlic, European Photographer of the Year.

Olga Michi


Russian photographer, specializing in art photography. She has worked in various genres of photography, has created documentary, scientific and educational projects.

Andrew Parkinson


British photographer. One of the most awarded wildlife photographers (over 80 awards of prestigious photography competitions). He has become the overall winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award four times and the winner of the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year award five times. He has also received the award Big Picture Natural World award and Bird Photographer of the Year. Held more than 40 solo exhibitions, including those in Russian cities of Novosibirsk (2011), St. Petersburg (2017) and Moscow (2017, 2018).

Konstantin Shatenev


Winner of the VIII Photo Contest in the category "Wild Animals". Wildlife photographer. Born, lives and works in St. Petersburg. Member of the Russian Geographical Society and the Union of Wildlife Photographers of Russia. Honorary member of the St. Petersburg Club of Photographers, in which he has been a member for 38 years. Moscow (2017, 2018).

Sergei Anisimov


Travel photographer. Member of the Union of Photographers of Russia and the Association of Book Publishers of Russia. Winner of Travel Photographer of the Year, winner of awards at photo contests in 64 countries. He has held 52 solo exhibitions, released 10 author's photo albums about the North and the Arctic.