Categories and prizes

  1. LANDSCAPE. Pictures showing the greatness, diversity and beauty of the landscapes of our country, its nature.
  2. WILD ANIMALS. Unique moments from the life of wild animals in their natural habitat. Including those filmed in specially protected natural areas using camera traps. Pictures of all representatives of the animal kingdom, from mammals to inhabitants of the macrocosm, are accepted for the category.
  3. MAGIC OF WATER. The water element in all its manifestations – from the beauty of summer rains to the mesmerizing power of waterfalls; from the calm surface of rivers, lakes and seas to the destructive power of floods, storms and ice drifts. Underwater landscapes and the life of their inhabitants – from harmless mollusks to dangerous predators.
  4. THOSE FUNNY ANIMALS. Shots that capture funny and unusual moments from the life of wild animals.
  5. PHOTO PROJECT. A series of photographs (from 4 to 10 works), united by a common theme or visual solution. It can be a photo essay on the subject of any of the categories of the competition: shots from the life of a wild animal, a visual study of a natural phenomenon, etc.
  6. RUSSIA FROM A BIRD'S EYE VIEW. Panoramic views shot in flight over the vast Russian expanses. The subject of photography can be landscapes, animals, architectural objects, etc.
  7. MANY FACES OF RUSSIA. The variety of peoples inhabiting Russia, their cultures. Faces, characters, national flavor, expressed through rituals, everyday life, clothes. Among other things, the category includes close-up portraits of people.
  8. LIVE ARCHIVE. Contemporary photos, repeating archival ones. On the special page of this category, the participants of the photo competition are provided with a set of photographs of Russia of the late 19th - first half of the 20th century from the archives of the Russian Geographical Society and the archives of the partners of the category. Contemporary shots taken in the same place, if possible from the same angle as the corresponding archival photographs, are accepted for the photo competition.

    In addition, the participants of the competition can upload archival photographs and modern photographs based on them. However, in this case, the participant of the photo competition must simultaneously comply with two conditions – to be the author of modern photograph, as well as to have the rights to the archival photograph to be able to transfer the rights to these archival photographs to the Society in amount equal to the amount of rights stipulated in section 10 "License Agreement" of the Regulations of the competition.

    More about the "Live Archive" category

  9. TAKEN ON A SMARTPHONE. Photos taken with a smartphone for any of the categories of the competition.
  10. ART OF WILDLIFE (FINE-ART PHOTOGRAPHY). Photos that create emotional and associative images (art objects) – from the macrocosm to taking pictures from the Earth's orbit.


The winner in each category will receive 250,000 rubles. The winners of the 2nd and 3rd places will receive award certificates of the competition.


Special categories

  1. «PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD». The winner of the category is determined by open voting on the website of the photo competition from among the finalists of the competition in all categories. The voting results are approved by the Photo Contest Jury.
  2. «RESERVED RUSSIA». Awarded for the best shot taken in specially protected natural areas (SPNA). The winner of the prize is determined by the partner of the competition – — PJSC «VTB Bank».
  3. «RUSSIA IN THE FACES OF THE OLDER GENERATION». Awarded for the best shot, reflecting the life of people and communities in small towns and villages that play an important role in preserving the cultural, historical and social identity of all peoples of Russia. The winner of the prize is determined by the partner of the competition – — Elena and Gennady Timchenko Foundation.
  4. «BEHIND THE SCENES». Awarded for the best video (up to three minutes) made during the process of taking a photo or telling about the history of the creation of the shot submitted for the competition. The winner of the prize is determined by the Expert Commission of the photo competition. The voting results are approved by the Photo Contest Jury.

The winners in the special categories receive valuable gifts, which are set by the competition partners or its organizer.