1. How can I take part in the contest?

It is necessary to register on the website of the photo contest and to upload photos to the personal user account.

2. Where are my uploaded photos are displayed?

They are displayed in the personal user account.

3. How many photos can be provided for the contest?

Each participant can provide not more than 25 photos for the contest. The distribution of works between the nominations – is the choice of each participant of the contest. All the photos can be uploaded both as in one nomination, and distribute among several nominations.

4. What does «The young photographer» nomination mean?

There are accepted to «The young photographer» nomination the works of the participants of the contest aged till 13 years inclusively. The subject of the survey can be any object of the other nominations of «The most beautiful country» contest.

5. When the finalists of the contest are known?

After the reception of works and their selection by the Expert Commission.

6. When the works of the participants of the Photo Contest appear in the «Gallery» section?

After the final selection of the works by the Expert Commission.

7. What way can I get to know, whether my works are accepted for participation in the contest?

If the works are displayed in your personal account, that means they are successfully uploaded to the website. The works, corresponding to the Photo Contest rules and to the subjects of nominations, will take part in the selection. Thus, photos of pets (dogs, cats, doves, etc.) are not accepted for participation in the contest.

8. Are there the photos of animals, made in the zoos, accepted for the contest?

The Photo Contest «The most beautiful country» is dedicated to the wild nature of Russia. Animals, shot on the pictures of the participants of the contest, should dwell in vivo. Pictures of animals, birds and reptiles from the zoos will not be accepted to participation in the contest.

9. What way is voting for the People's Choice Award executed?

The voting for the People's Choice Award is executed by open public voting on the website of the Photo Contest by open public voting after determining the finalists.